Yesterday marked a milestone in history for the US; same-sex marriage is now legal, and stands equal to straight marriage. The ruling was 5-4, which means that it was a close call! To celebrate, and understand why we are celebrating, I have complied a small history lesson (facts from NYCPRIDE.ORG) This whole week has been Pride … More PRIDE


Paris has to be one of my favorite resorts in Las Vegas. The hotel and casino was so gorgeous, that I had to take a few minutes to soak it all up. It really felt like we were walking the streets of France. The experience was surreal, and I am getting goosebumps just thinking about … More Paris


It’s that time of the year again. When you’re supposed to be the grateful, kind and best version of yourself. You meet up with the rest of your family (or friends) and stuff your face with a delicious turkey dinner. Before digging in to the sweet potatoes and stuffing, you go around the table and … More Thanksgiving


2014, you have been anticipated! Every December we start making lists with reasons why the next year will be the best one. We make resolutions 90 % of us will keep for a few weeks (some even just a few days) and we get excited for what’s to come; a clean slate. A chance to … More 2014