The Olive Theory

When it comes to relationships, there are few couples as great at Lily and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother. There’s something about that unconditional love that can last through all kinds of madness and fluctuations in life (except for if you move to San Francisco – that’s the limit). Though I’ve always been … More The Olive Theory

Senior Moments

First week of classes is officially over! After having a bunch of issues this week, along with ridiculously busy days since July, things are finally calming down. Who would have thought that we’d get excited about getting back into the routine, or as Barney Stinson calls it, “the rut”. It’s senior year, and like most … More Senior Moments

Late to the party

While a lot of people have formed an opinion on this, along with a good handful of experiences, I decided to use it for it’s initial function for the first time today. What am I talking about? Tinder. I have been on Tinder since December, after my dear friend Hege told me to get on … More Late to the party