42nd St Shenanigans

I am so happy to announce that today is my blog’s third birthday! This blog started out as a source of documenting my crazy last month at St Olav High School and time at Gateway College, and just ended up becoming a part of me. I realized that one has an obligation to the followers, … More 42nd St Shenanigans


2014, you have been anticipated! Every December we start making lists with reasons why the next year will be the best one. We make resolutions 90 % of us will keep for a few weeks (some even just a few days) and we get excited for what’s to come; a clean slate. A chance to … More 2014

Back to school

Funs over, now it’s time to get serious and face why we really came here; to study. The books are huge and heavy, but the classes aren’t! We had our first day at school, as students and not pupils, on Thursday. So far the classes have been a blast! All of them! The lecturers make … More Back to school


The summer is over in Stavanger, and it’s time to take out the umbrellas and rain boots. It has been raining for several days, as well as the temperature has reached its half-life from the last couple of weeks. The fall came as early as the summer did… In other news, Snadderbuå will be opening … More Falling