Killer Heels

It’s been a busy week back in The City. I’ve had my dear friend Miriam on a visit, and we did some alternative sightseeing of this great city that is associated with an apple. There are so many people that visit, especially first-timers, so it’s about keeping it interesting for yourself as well as the … More Killer Heels

Who is Ruthie Davis?

Most of you know that I study Fashion Management. But what does that really mean? Long explanation short: “How does the fashion business really work?” Having Joshua Williams as a professor in this subject gives us certain benefits, one of them being able to attend the “Faces and Places” event. This is a type of … More Who is Ruthie Davis?

Oh, shoes!

Everyone who truly knows me, knows that I have a great passion for shoes! After getting rid of 26 pairs the last weeks, I am now left with the 39 pairs I want to continue having in my life… Sadly, most of my pretty shoes are at my dad’s place, where I haven’t been for … More Oh, shoes!