Maison Anniversaire

In the midst of the so-called “make up week”, my dearest friend turned a year older. As any other age, you only turn it once, so we made sure that this would be a celebration to remember. Yeah guys, “17 Again” only happens in the movies… Being such a great friend, I completely forgot to plan … More Maison Anniversaire


First of all I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and a sparkly, glittery and spectacular New Years Celebration. I chose to spend the holidays with family rather than my Mac, so I apologize for the late update. I can’t believe we’re in 2013 already. If this is the speed the years are going … More 2013

Mexican Business

And there the weekend returned! And it‘s already over… Time management in New York is literally impossible. You may plan to do certain things until certain days, but where did the days in between go? Have you seen my days? Because clearly, I‘ve lost them! Now we‘re over half ways in our semester, the mid-term … More Mexican Business

Last holiday-day

A reference to one of my very smart moments with Caroline S. Ekeli when I talked about all the birthday-days. This is truly my last holiday as I will be returning to Stavanger tonight. The next 18 days will be all about working, goodbyes/see you laters and cleaning out my room. We went to the … More Last holiday-day

The celebration

The day which had been awaited for 13 years was finally here! We did celebrate at school with sparkling wine, but of course that was not enough! Therefore we gathered many of the graduating students at Mogul India Restaurant and thereafter had the nightclub XLNT opened exclusively for us. But before getting any of those … More The celebration