She Can’t Tell

I’d rather be blind than to never be able to listen to music again. It’s such a huge part of people’s life, and I always find it fascinating how people tend to be a little reserved when asked to play their personal playlists. I am definitely one that believes music is intimate, and although I’m … More She Can’t Tell

Strange Birds

Lately I’ve been completely hooked on the song Strange Birds by Birdy. I appreciate talent, and this one is loaded with it. As for the song, some parts of the lyrics have used the artistic licence, where everything doesn’t have to make sense or follow the rules. That is one of the largest contributors of … More Strange Birds

The Kaizervirus

Kaizers Orchestra  is getting quite some buzz these days for being very innovative with their methods of promoting their songs through The Kaizervirus app. During our semester in New York, we got the chance to interview the music promotion agency who made this idea into a reality for the band. Check out the article I … More The Kaizervirus

The Kaizervirus

For all you Kaizers Orchestra fans in New York; the virus has arrived. Thanks to Karina who got infected and spread it to me, we’re now on a mission to spread the virus here in New York! To download the app, click on one of the images. For you guys who have no idea what … More The Kaizervirus