Late to the party

While a lot of people have formed an opinion on this, along with a good handful of experiences, I decided to use it for it’s initial function for the first time today. What am I talking about? Tinder. I have been on Tinder since December, after my dear friend Hege told me to get on … More Late to the party


It’s father’s day here in the US today, and just as mother’s day, it’s the one day of the year where EVERYONE decides to post pictures with their loving parent and caption just how much they mean to them. Surprisingly enough, this day is almost as painful as being apart from the family at Christmas. Because it … More #HappyFathersDay

Who is Ruthie Davis?

Most of you know that I study Fashion Management. But what does that really mean? Long explanation short: “How does the fashion business really work?” Having Joshua Williams as a professor in this subject gives us certain benefits, one of them being able to attend the “Faces and Places” event. This is a type of … More Who is Ruthie Davis?