Are We Alive?

Here’s to life working in social media – it gets so overwhelming that personal accounts are forgotten. While lying in fetal position on my green couch, I realized that I had made a promise to write more often about 4 months ago. What did I do? The exact opposite. The same goes for trying to … More Are We Alive?

Here’s to 2017

Guess you thought I was gone for good, didn’t you? Let me correct myself before you do, and tell you that I’m aware that you probably didn’t care or even noticed that this page went dark since summer. The second half of 2016 was a whirlwind of changes, being unemployed, then getting employed, and then moving … More Here’s to 2017


Getting older comes with a lot of mixed emotions. There’s the notion of having to deal with the physical aspects of aging – which is most often dreaded, but then there’s the concept of getting wiser and more knowledgable as time passes. So far I can vouch for both of these, although I do appreciate … More 23

Train of Thought

Ever felt so scared that you thought you were going to pass out? And it happened. That was me today. As much as I think I’m unaffected by the terror attacks happening around the world, I can’t help but get a little nervous when unusual things happen. So here’s the story; it had been an … More Train of Thought


It’s father’s day here in the US today, and just as mother’s day, it’s the one day of the year where EVERYONE decides to post pictures with their loving parent and caption just how much they mean to them. Surprisingly enough, this day is almost as painful as being apart from the family at Christmas. Because it … More #HappyFathersDay