Jærdagene, so far, have been a mix of what I expected and a little bit of the unexpected. After reading the history, I thought that the stands would only consist local merchandise, but it turned out quite international. There were possibilities to buy food, things and candy from several European countries. There were of course … More Jærdagene

Interviewing LidoLido

For Jærdagene I am interviewing Lidolido amongst others. This 19 year old rapper, will have two concerts during the music festival; a free concert during the daytime on Saturday and another one during the evening as a part of Jærnåttå. Lidolido’s real name is Peder Losnegård, brought up at Frakkagjerd, a place near Haugesund. He … More Interviewing LidoLido

Endless summer

This summer weather is sensational, unbelievable and wonderful! I cannot remember the last time we had weather like this in Stavanger, not this many days in a row at least… I feel really sorry for all those stuck with their exams these days! Jærdagene is approaching and mails have been sent to Lidolido and Kaizers … More Endless summer