Home for Christmas

Oh boy. I am still stuffed since yesterday. No one can cook up a feast like my aunt Silje. She is known for serving no less than 7 different cakes and pastries during birthday parties, and now she has outdone herself with homemade chocolate. While being welcomed by a glass of bubbly at our arrival, … More Home for Christmas

Christmas Craze

After two years of spending Christmas in NYC, I finally found my way back to my family. Though I am excited about being with them and eating food I haven’t had for years, I had somehow forgotten how stressful this time is. What am I buying everyone? What do they want? Will they use it? … More Christmas Craze


It’s that time of the year again. When you’re supposed to be the grateful, kind and best version of yourself. You meet up with the rest of your family (or friends) and stuff your face with a delicious turkey dinner. Before digging in to the sweet potatoes and stuffing, you go around the table and … More Thanksgiving


For all of Bergdorf’s lovers, yesterday was one of the most important events of the year; the unveiling of the windows. Every year the luxurious fashion house spends a large amount of time and money on making the perfect holiday windows. This year, the theme was Holidays on Ice, meaning all our favorite holidays presented … More #BGWindows

Holy Holiday

I can’t believe that the semester is almost over and Christmas is right around the corner! After Thanksgiving is over of course. And today was Diwali, where I had prepared Indian food, but never managed to eat it… Most stores have already prepared their Christmas decorations, and Starbucks rang the red cups in on Friday … More Holy Holiday