This day has been one of the craziest days in a long, long time! We started the day with coffee at Bøker og Børst in Stavanger. After learning a lot of useless, but cool information by playing Idiotkunnskap (idiot knowledge), we went to Sandnes to meet up with the famous Markus Bredal. For everyone acquainted … More Hommersåk


The summer is over in Stavanger, and it’s time to take out the umbrellas and rain boots. It has been raining for several days, as well as the temperature has reached its half-life from the last couple of weeks. The fall came as early as the summer did… In other news, Snadderbuå will be opening … More Falling

Great day.

After finally getting my phobia out of my chest, or fingers, Hege and I went on a shopping day. Well, more of a round trip day. We met up in Stavanger, took a train to Klepp, where we had never really been before, at least not at the station. We took the bus to Jærhagen … More Great day.

Endless summer

This summer weather is sensational, unbelievable and wonderful! I cannot remember the last time we had weather like this in Stavanger, not this many days in a row at least… I feel really sorry for all those stuck with their exams these days! Jærdagene is approaching and mails have been sent to Lidolido and Kaizers … More Endless summer

Summertime in Bryne

Nothing says summer better than Hege, our ukelele called Blomen and Bryne. Therefore we went there to have a picnic. We were faced a huge surprise when we found a waterfall. A private waterfall. How can people not love Bryne when there are so many beautiful places there? 90 % of the pictures are taken … More Summertime in Bryne