Movie star

So I’m back in Norway now…. It‘s kinda cold here, but it felt really good to see my dear Kristine again and waking up in my own bed. Despite my empty, yet chaotic room. Today will be all about seeing people again and reconnecting with this city. If you have been following my blog for … More Movie star

The end.

I woke up with the strangest feeling today. I am no longer a student at Gateway College. We had our last exam yesterday, followed by a fantastic dinner at The Harvard Club on 44th Street. The night was just absolutely perfect.We had a three-course meal. The appetizer consisted of salmon and salad, the entrée was … More The end.

Who is Ruthie Davis?

Most of you know that I study Fashion Management. But what does that really mean? Long explanation short: “How does the fashion business really work?” Having Joshua Williams as a professor in this subject gives us certain benefits, one of them being able to attend the “Faces and Places” event. This is a type of … More Who is Ruthie Davis?

Gateway College and FIT Presents:

Presentations from three prestigious people in the Fashion industry; Joseph Weishar, Maren Hartman and Aria Hughes (who never really came to the stage). Here‘s their bio’s: Joseph Weishar, a leader in store design and visual merchandising, founded New Vision Studios over 40 years ago and is author of “The Aesthetics of Merchandise Presentation,” published by ST … More Gateway College and FIT Presents:

Back to school

Funs over, now it’s time to get serious and face why we really came here; to study. The books are huge and heavy, but the classes aren’t! We had our first day at school, as students and not pupils, on Thursday. So far the classes have been a blast! All of them! The lecturers make … More Back to school