Laugh Out Loud

I am a huge fan of talk shows. I love to laugh, and I love to listen to people talk. Talk shows amuse me and tickle me in ways that few other shows can (except New Girl, that show knocks it out of the park). I am sure I’m not the only one who loves The … More Laugh Out Loud

When in DC

This is a story about how a Wikipedia search about Norwegian flags turned into a trip to Washington DC. Ready? Okay! It was a cold Thursday in NYC. Actually, it wasn’t that cold. I had just had a facial at Bergdorf’s by Lancôme, followed by an excellent lunch at Good Dish with Monica. We later … More When in DC


So the “promise” about getting better at updating my blog these past months kinda fell down the drain… Anyhow, the hard work  really paid off. Paid a huge amount, really. Seriously… I can happily tell you that I will be joining the Fashion Merchandising class of 2017 at LIM College this fall! How exciting is that?! … More D-day?


So I just realized that my blog turned a year yesterday (Happy Birthday, and I‘ve been completely MIA for a while. I apologize to my dear blog and to my readers. This will not happen again. The fact is that I‘ve been working hard, and it sure isn‘t any fun writing about how I … More Distant