Meet The Pickler

Oh, all those mouthwatering pictures of that delicious food… Yes, my Snapchat has indeed turned 24/7 food porn channel, and for all of you that have been asking me why – this is your lucky day. Pickler & Co is a craft deli and coffee shop in Midtown East, more accurately 216 East 45th St – … More Meet The Pickler

Senior Moments

First week of classes is officially over! After having a bunch of issues this week, along with ridiculously busy days since July, things are finally calming down. Who would have thought that we’d get excited about getting back into the routine, or as Barney Stinson calls it, “the rut”. It’s senior year, and like most … More Senior Moments

Burger Dreams

New week means new possibilities. A blank slate. 52 times a year. Though most of us follow the same routine, there’s always the possibility to do something new. As my Psychology professor constantly emphasizes: “If you’re bored, you’re boring”. Having declared myself as an avid pescetarian for over a year (with a cheat day on Christmas … More Burger Dreams

Home for Christmas

Oh boy. I am still stuffed since yesterday. No one can cook up a feast like my aunt Silje. She is known for serving no less than 7 different cakes and pastries during birthday parties, and now she has outdone herself with homemade chocolate. While being welcomed by a glass of bubbly at our arrival, … More Home for Christmas


It’s that time of the year again. When you’re supposed to be the grateful, kind and best version of yourself. You meet up with the rest of your family (or friends) and stuff your face with a delicious turkey dinner. Before digging in to the sweet potatoes and stuffing, you go around the table and … More Thanksgiving