Meet The Pickler

Oh, all those mouthwatering pictures of that delicious food… Yes, my Snapchat has indeed turned 24/7 food porn channel, and for all of you that have been asking me why – this is your lucky day. Pickler & Co is a craft deli and coffee shop in Midtown East, more accurately 216 East 45th St – … More Meet The Pickler

The Olive Theory

When it comes to relationships, there are few couples as great at Lily and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother. There’s something about that unconditional love that can last through all kinds of madness and fluctuations in life (except for if you move to San Francisco – that’s the limit). Though I’ve always been … More The Olive Theory

Monkey Business

It’s midterms time, which means that everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Luckily in this crazy time, at least I get a chance to relax – and I actually relax the most when I’m at my internship. I’m lucky enough to be at a place where I understand the work, … More Monkey Business


Well hello all you beautiful people out there. It’s almost October already – how did that happen? Here I was trying to plan out at least 3 posts per week, and then a month passed with nothing… Absolutely nothing. I hope everyone in NYC survived the Pope’s visit. I think Pope Francis is one of … More Tree-Huggers

The Grand Life

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted anything, and it’s not without reason! Between yawning away my Economics and Statistics classes, I’ve been busy entertaining my grandma. Yes, she is here! In New York! And this city will never be the same… My grandma is something of a controlled shopaholic. She will scout ALL … More The Grand Life