Almost done

My fine readers, how has you week been? I realized that I never really include my readers in my posts, and I have decided that this is something that is going to change! Today is a very slow day. I, along with my fellow Gateway students, am really tired. Exhausted actually. This exam week has … More Almost done

Bye bye biology

What can be better than a day filled with homemade Mexican food, rewriting a Justin Bieber song, burning biology notes, a glass of white wine and drinking games with new acquaintances? Well, not much. Especially when spending the whole day with one of your closest friends. While Marie made burritos, I was rewriting Justin Bieber’s … More Bye bye biology


Today is a big day for a couple of the IB students. Not only are we half-ways in our math exams, but we are also featured in newspapers. Plural. Myself, I am featured in Solabladet, our local newspaper due to the article about Snadderbuå, while Toky, a great guy, also a good friend of mine, … More Newsday

1 down, 13 to go!

Today was the first day of the exams! Just couldn’t stop smiling when we got the texts we were analyzing in English A1. The exams went very well for both myself and others in our class. I won’t be writing about my every exam, but I will spend a couple of seconds on reminding myself … More 1 down, 13 to go!