We’re at war

It’s a tough one to digest isn’t it? Sure there’s not one crooked and unstable leader dictating a manslaughter of a major population. There are many. While two of the people with the most significant world-wide impact are measuring how big and red their “buttons” are, people are uniting and raging towards things they can … More We’re at war

Spring Break Readings

Now that spring break is here, it’s finally time to let loose! I just updated my LinkedIn profile and decided that staying up for no particular reason would be a good idea. #LivingDaVidaLoca Tomorrow is travelling day, and though I finally know where we’re going, I have decided not to reveal it publicly. I’ll probably … More Spring Break Readings

Selfitis Disorder

Last week it seemed like everyone were going crazy when they learned that the American Psychiatric Association made it official that taking selfies and posting them online was a mental disorder. My immediate reaction was scepticism. It wasn’t until 1973 that APA managed to declassify being gay as a mental illness, so how could they … More Selfitis Disorder