Resolutionary 2015

Happy New Year darlings! Mein Herr was playing in my head while we were counting down to midnight in the rain. Like the rest of the year, the celebration was nothing like expected. I got to see a lot of my friends again; whom I really didn’t expect to see. Most of the evening was … More Resolutionary 2015

Last holiday-day

A reference to one of my very smart moments with Caroline S. Ekeli when I talked about all the birthday-days. This is truly my last holiday as I will be returning to Stavanger tonight. The next 18 days will be all about working, goodbyes/see you laters and cleaning out my room. We went to the … More Last holiday-day

Come summer summer

Well, the sun came, and managed to disappear again. Now were stuck with with a cloudy sky, grey days and rain splashing on the hot ground. We’ve seen the sun a couple of times though, like last month… I’ve been running short on sleep lately, so right now I’m trying to fall asleep by watching … More Come summer summer

After eight cupcakes

Every time I come to Oslo, I always end up making somethings sweet in my mothers kitchen. Last time it was Fastelavn, so I ended up making sweet buns with whipped cream, vanilla cream and home-made jam. This time I made cupcakes. After-eight cupcakes. To be eaten after 8. They were eaten at 11 pm. … More After eight cupcakes