4x Christmas ’15

Did you have a white Christmas this year? Consider yourself lucky. Although Santa didn’t arrive at a surfboard – as he does in Australia, none of my 4 Christmas celebrations were even remotely white (or even cold). However, that didn’t stop them from being pleasant. And I hope you had a great Christmas too! Christmas … More 4x Christmas ’15

Home for Christmas

Oh boy. I am still stuffed since yesterday. No one can cook up a feast like my aunt Silje. She is known for serving no less than 7 different cakes and pastries during birthday parties, and now she has outdone herself with homemade chocolate. While being welcomed by a glass of bubbly at our arrival, … More Home for Christmas

Christmas Craze

After two years of spending Christmas in NYC, I finally found my way back to my family. Though I am excited about being with them and eating food I haven’t had for years, I had somehow forgotten how stressful this time is. What am I buying everyone? What do they want? Will they use it? … More Christmas Craze

Holy Holiday

I can’t believe that the semester is almost over and Christmas is right around the corner! After Thanksgiving is over of course. And today was Diwali, where I had prepared Indian food, but never managed to eat it… Most stores have already prepared their Christmas decorations, and Starbucks rang the red cups in on Friday … More Holy Holiday

The end.

I woke up with the strangest feeling today. I am no longer a student at Gateway College. We had our last exam yesterday, followed by a fantastic dinner at The Harvard Club on 44th Street. The night was just absolutely perfect.We had a three-course meal. The appetizer consisted of salmon and salad, the entrée was … More The end.

Almost done

My fine readers, how has you week been? I realized that I never really include my readers in my posts, and I have decided that this is something that is going to change! Today is a very slow day. I, along with my fellow Gateway students, am really tired. Exhausted actually. This exam week has … More Almost done