It’s Broadway

It’s weekend yet again, and it constantly baffles me how when we reach the weekend, it’s over before it even started. This weekend, I have a massive workload that I should have started doing an hour ago, but am pretty sure it will be left for Sunday night to handle. Anyone else who keeps doing … More It’s Broadway

Les Visiteurs

From December 26 to January 9th, my dorm room has been occupied by a massive airbed with a pretty lady. I’ve been lucky enough to have my to beautiful friends, Mari and Sunniva, visit me for a week each. It’s a strange thing how we (especially I) keep wanting something, and when we get it … More Les Visiteurs

The Manhattan tour

WHAT A LIBERATION. We finally met The Statue of Liberty. She even joined us for lunch (picture-proof). So, we’re almost all set in THE CITY, our mandatory trip to IKEA is on the schedule today, including a long walk over Brooklyn Bridge. Can’t wait! My lovely roomies arrived here on Wednesday, and at Thursday at … More The Manhattan tour