DC in BW

Washington DC is one of my favorite places in the US. While the architecture is grandiose and the museums are packed with splendor – it becomes one of the most pristine places for tourists to trickle into. Ironically, tourists are somewhat of a nuisance in NYC, and in this little town, I find myself becoming what … More DC in BW


Paris has to be one of my favorite resorts in Las Vegas. The hotel and casino was so gorgeous, that I had to take a few minutes to soak it all up. It really felt like we were walking the streets of France. The experience was surreal, and I am getting goosebumps just thinking about … More Paris

Manhattan walk

Every single day here is a constant reminder of how much I love Manhattan, why I love Manhattan and why I simply just don‘t want to go back to Norway. However, the last couple of days have been a mix of exploring The City, shopping and bed rest while being sick. Unfortunately, I don‘t have … More Manhattan walk