The celebration

The day which had been awaited for 13 years was finally here! We did celebrate at school with sparkling wine, but of course that was not enough! Therefore we gathered many of the graduating students at Mogul India Restaurant and thereafter had the nightclub XLNT opened exclusively for us. But before getting any of those … More The celebration

Bunadsinspired dresses

Agape is a Norwegian dress store which offers everything from wedding dresses, ball gowns, cocktail dresses and tunics.They have recently opened an web shop, so it is finally possible to buy the dresses online! Click here to check out their web shop. My previous post was about the bunad and 17th of May. Agape, being … More Bunadsinspired dresses

Oh, shoes!

Everyone who truly knows me, knows that I have a great passion for shoes! After getting rid of 26 pairs the last weeks, I am now left with the 39 pairs I want to continue having in my life… Sadly, most of my pretty shoes are at my dad’s place, where I haven’t been for … More Oh, shoes!