When in DC

This is a story about how a Wikipedia search about Norwegian flags turned into a trip to Washington DC. Ready? Okay! It was a cold Thursday in NYC. Actually, it wasn’t that cold. I had just had a facial at Bergdorf’s by Lancôme, followed by an excellent lunch at Good Dish with Monica. We later … More When in DC

Matthaei Botanical Gardens

The University of Michigan offer the public free access to their Matthaei Botanical Gardens. On their website they state that: The University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum connects people with nature. We’re about sustaining the earth, caring for our natural heritage, sharing knowledge, and promoting learning. Read more about the place here Check … More Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Crazy weekend

It’s finally fall holidays at Gateway College and there‘s a lot of different things happening here. I started my vacation with a visit. A visit from my cousins from Michigan. They wanted to see New York at its best, so here’s what we did: They landed on Friday evening, they we‘re welcomed to The City … More Crazy weekend

Washington DC

I can’t believe we’re halfway in the semester already. This was marked by a class trip to Washington DC. We travelled by bus on Saturday morning, had one stop in Delaware, and after a 4-hour long journey, we arrived in the capital of the United States. The exploration of the capital started with a visit … More Washington DC

Girl in Oslo

Bigbang wants to talk to the prettiest girl in Oslo. Or is that you? Listen to their request here. I always think of that song when I arrive here, looking around and spotting pretty city girls. Even though there aren’t many of them, they exist and they pass you once in a while. I arrived … More Girl in Oslo