Paris has to be one of my favorite resorts in Las Vegas. The hotel and casino was so gorgeous, that I had to take a few minutes to soak it all up. It really felt like we were walking the streets of France. The experience was surreal, and I am getting goosebumps just thinking about … More Paris

Vegas, Baby

How many people are lucky enough to get a surprise trip to Vegas in their lifetime? Not many, but I am one of them. This was given to me as a combined birthday and Christmas present – as well as payback for the Book of Mormon stunt that I pulled off for “Mari’s 2 months … More Vegas, Baby


Weddings are fun! Especially Indian weddings, where the celebration starts weeks ahead of the actual wedding day. It is at these times where people break out in song and suddenly everyone sings and dances along in synchronisation. And here we thought Bollywood dance numbers were a lie… This wedding was one of the most fabulous and … More #PinderWedsCharano

Background bridge

On Saturday we had an utterly failed attempt of going to IKEA in Brooklyn. As everyone else in Manhattan decided to go to IKEA this day, we never got off the island, and ended up with relaxing in the park by Pier 11 in the Financial District. The weather was gorgeous, which resulted in good … More Background bridge

Spring break fever

It is spring, and it has yet again been almost a month since my last blog post. One might think that installing the email reminders would help, but they don’t provide anything else than guilt. Well, well. It’s been busy here lately, not only have Monica and I crossed the Atlantic, but we have survived … More Spring break fever