4x Christmas ’15

Did you have a white Christmas this year? Consider yourself lucky. Although Santa didn’t arrive at a surfboard – as he does in Australia, none of my 4 Christmas celebrations were even remotely white (or even cold). However, that didn’t stop them from being pleasant. And I hope you had a great Christmas too! Christmas … More 4x Christmas ’15


It’s a little late, but happy thanksgiving! I hope everyone who celebrates got to spend it with people they wanted to. I was lucky enough to celebrate it in a true American fashion with the Sweet family. We left NYC on Tuesday evening, exhausted after handing in (almost) all our final projects and papers for … More Thanksgiving

Meet The Pickler

Oh, all those mouthwatering pictures of that delicious food… Yes, my Snapchat has indeed turned 24/7 food porn channel, and for all of you that have been asking me why – this is your lucky day. Pickler & Co is a craft deli and coffee shop in Midtown East, more accurately 216 East 45th St – … More Meet The Pickler

Burger Dreams

New week means new possibilities. A blank slate. 52 times a year. Though most of us follow the same routine, there’s always the possibility to do something new. As my Psychology professor constantly emphasizes: “If you’re bored, you’re boring”. Having declared myself as an avid pescetarian for over a year (with a cheat day on Christmas … More Burger Dreams

Spring Break Readings

Now that spring break is here, it’s finally time to let loose! I just updated my LinkedIn profile and decided that staying up for no particular reason would be a good idea. #LivingDaVidaLoca Tomorrow is travelling day, and though I finally know where we’re going, I have decided not to reveal it publicly. I’ll probably … More Spring Break Readings