She Can’t Tell

I’d rather be blind than to never be able to listen to music again. It’s such a huge part of people’s life, and I always find it fascinating how people tend to be a little reserved when asked to play their personal playlists. I am definitely one that believes music is intimate, and although I’m … More She Can’t Tell

The Met Gala 2015

It’s that time of the year again! Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to accidentally stumble upon the red carpet this year, but hopefully, I’ll bestow the Museum Mile with my presence next year. I was impressed with this years theme: China: Through the Looking Glass, and just how many that dressed according to the … More The Met Gala 2015

Behind The Lens

#PJAGallery While currently being snowed in by Juno, I can’t help but to think how incredibly lucky I am to be living in NYC. I think about it a lot. I also write about it a lot. Honestly, the things I experience here are beyond anything I could ever have imagined. There’s always something going … More Behind The Lens


Weddings are fun! Especially Indian weddings, where the celebration starts weeks ahead of the actual wedding day. It is at these times where people break out in song and suddenly everyone sings and dances along in synchronisation. And here we thought Bollywood dance numbers were a lie… This wedding was one of the most fabulous and … More #PinderWedsCharano

The Met Gala

It all started with a long walk to school. Because the weather was rather pleasant, I decided to walk the one-hour stretch to school rather than taking the train. Upon arrival I discovered that I had managed to forget my metro card at home, leaving me with few other options than walking home. For my … More The Met Gala


A promise of a sweet story of fashion. And indeed, sweet it was. Every year, the fashion show production club cooperates with the styling club, dance team and the visual merchandising club to create a spectacular fashion show. They start in the fall and continue working hard until the very day of the fashion show. … More Confectory