Senior Moments

First week of classes is officially over! After having a bunch of issues this week, along with ridiculously busy days since July, things are finally calming down. Who would have thought that we’d get excited about getting back into the routine, or as Barney Stinson calls it, “the rut”. It’s senior year, and like most … More Senior Moments

Hello, goodbye

The United States of America, I am pleased to inform you that I am back! I landed at JFK on Sunday, went straight to Westport, CT. and now I’m spending my last hours here before moving in to the dorm. I would also like to inform you that the time is 6.11 AM, I am … More Hello, goodbye

The Kaizervirus

Kaizers Orchestra  is getting quite some buzz these days for being very innovative with their methods of promoting their songs through The Kaizervirus app. During our semester in New York, we got the chance to interview the music promotion agency who made this idea into a reality for the band. Check out the article I … More The Kaizervirus

Movie star

So I’m back in Norway now…. It‘s kinda cold here, but it felt really good to see my dear Kristine again and waking up in my own bed. Despite my empty, yet chaotic room. Today will be all about seeing people again and reconnecting with this city. If you have been following my blog for … More Movie star

The end.

I woke up with the strangest feeling today. I am no longer a student at Gateway College. We had our last exam yesterday, followed by a fantastic dinner at The Harvard Club on 44th Street. The night was just absolutely perfect.We had a three-course meal. The appetizer consisted of salmon and salad, the entrée was … More The end.