Resolutionary 2015

Happy New Year darlings! Mein Herr was playing in my head while we were counting down to midnight in the rain. Like the rest of the year, the celebration was nothing like expected. I got to see a lot of my friends again; whom I really didn’t expect to see. Most of the evening was … More Resolutionary 2015

Farewell Fourteen

Is it just me or are the years passing by faster by every year? It’s terrifying! And at this point we’ve all scrolled through our Instagram and Facebook and seen how people have been summarizing 2014 while bidding farewell to another year. For the first time, I have actually also seen posts about people who … More Farewell Fourteen

Home for Christmas

Oh boy. I am still stuffed since yesterday. No one can cook up a feast like my aunt Silje. She is known for serving no less than 7 different cakes and pastries during birthday parties, and now she has outdone herself with homemade chocolate. While being welcomed by a glass of bubbly at our arrival, … More Home for Christmas


It’s that time of the year again. When you’re supposed to be the grateful, kind and best version of yourself. You meet up with the rest of your family (or friends) and stuff your face with a delicious turkey dinner. Before digging in to the sweet potatoes and stuffing, you go around the table and … More Thanksgiving

Maison Anniversaire

In the midst of the so-called “make up week”, my dearest friend turned a year older. As any other age, you only turn it once, so we made sure that this would be a celebration to remember. Yeah guys, “17 Again” only happens in the movies… Being such a great friend, I completely forgot to plan … More Maison Anniversaire