Holiday Windows 2015

There’s only one time of the year when New York City truly never sleeps, and that is during the holidays. While the entire island looks like a festive paradise, there’s something about the stretch between 45th St and 58th St. 5th Avenue sparkles and shines brighter than the stars (do the stars even light up enough … More Holiday Windows 2015

Tim Walker

It’s been a long time since the last time I did an inspiration post. Today I will be posting pictures by photographer Tim Walker. Walker is a British photographer, born in 1970. He has done a lot of work for Condé Nast, and is known for his distinguished romantic style. Read his biography here. To … More Tim Walker

Killer Heels

It’s been a busy week back in The City. I’ve had my dear friend Miriam on a visit, and we did some alternative sightseeing of this great city that is associated with an apple. There are so many people that visit, especially first-timers, so it’s about keeping it interesting for yourself as well as the … More Killer Heels

Loons for Koons

Jeff Koons is currently the big name in art, as his pieces are showcased at the Whitney Museum of the Upper East Side. The showcases include everything from giant balloon dogs to a statute of the Cabbage Patch Kid even to erotic pictures of the artist. Some may even argue if this is art at … More Loons for Koons