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edelsingh.com was founded in 2012 in order to document the inexplicable times of the “russ”, a Norwegian tradition for seniors in high school. It all started out with borderline unethical stories to allow non-Norwegian friends to understand what we we’re up to – and ended up turning into so much more than that.

I grew up in the third largest city of Norway, Stavanger, and constantly strived to do the unexpected. After pursuing the IB Diploma Program, I co-founded a fast-food company in my home town, and managed it through working non-stop. This part of my life taught me the value of hard work and truly respecting fellow entrepreneurs. Later, I said bye to friends, families and expectations and moved to NYC to study Fashion Management and Entrepreneurship for a semester. At this point, I had only been in NY for 8 hours, staying mainly around Port Authority and the Times Square area.

I ended up falling in love with NYC and it didn’t take long until I decided that this is where I was meant to be. After moving back to Norway for 6 months, going back to the business I started, I was set on moving to New York on a more permanent basis. As things started getting sorted out, plans were being made on how to sell the business and really close this chapter of my life.

In August 2013, I officially moved back to NYC and have lived here ever since. I have had some incredible experiences and grown as a person through learning what I truly care about. I have mainly stayed in the fashion industry and worked at Lincoln Center during NYFW, helped open the Michael Kors Global Flagship (520 Broadway in SoHO), and I’m currently pursuing an internship at Elizabeth and James. This blog has followed me through this entire journey and will continue to be a part of my life as I pursue a career that wouldn’t be possible if I would have chosen to stay in Norway.

The sky is truly the limit – and I hope you are willing to follow me on my journey and adventures in NYC through creative fashion photography, easy reads and a horrid sense of humor. If you enjoy things as NYC, fashion, music, food, Broadway and recommendations, I suggest you hit the FOLLOW button!

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Photo by Jon Vidar Strømstad

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