Spilling the Beans: Homecoming

It’s within human nature to decorate the truth sometimes to make ourselves more likable within certain groups. Sometimes you don’t even realize what you’re doing until you find yourself hit in the face with your own truth. It hits you so hard you fall over in the middle of the sidewalk and watch the skyscrapers slowly fade to black (just kidding, I just stopped for half a second, smiled and kept walking).

One question that seems to be inevitable here is “what brings you to New York?”. Even after telling new friends and acquaintances that you’ve been here for 5 years, that question is still one of the first ones on the list. The standard response includes something along the lines of college, opportunities, individuality etc. All these things are true. Then sometimes they go deeper – so why NY specifically? Being a “fashion person” it’s expected that I answer with something cliché, such as being inspired by the West Village life lived by Carrie Bradshaw or the lavish Upper East Side lifestyle lived by the elite in Gossip Girl; two shows that balance the aspirational life that one can in fact obtain here if you find the hidden money-making tree in Central Park. Some might even mention that they’re here because they were inspired by movies about breakfast or biblical creatures in high-end brands, and boy are there countless movies shot in this concrete jungle that can inspire.

My whole life I have indeed been a huge fan of the shows and movies that romanticize the NYC life with coffee dates, walks in the park, the skyline, and most of all: the fashion. I would watch Sex and the City before I was 10 years old, while pretending to be asleep whenever my babysitter would check. However, these was no show or movie that got me as excited about NYC as…wait for it… Spiderman! Spiderman was probably my first conscious introduction to this incredible city and when I was younger I kept hoping that one day I would be able to visit, as unlike Batman and Superman who lived in a fictional world, Spiderman’s city actually exists!

Growing up, I would picture Spiderman flying through Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte’s breakfast dates. I would imagine him stopping by the Empire Hotel rooftop, fighting King Kong, rescuing Miranda Priestly’s extra hot coffee and putting Holly Golightly’s business partners in prison. I would watch movies starring NYC and wonder how the story would span out if Spiderman was a part of it. This has always been my little secret and internal joke that I’ve almost been too embarrassed to share with anyone else.

As I’m counting down the days left in NYC, I’m more sentimental than ever. Leaving my home in Norway was easy compared to what I’m going through right now. However, life moves forward in circles, and seeing the city covered in Spiderman ads is making me feel like my time here has come in full circle. Meanwhile New Yorkers are passing by me thinking “who the hell is this chick tearing up over a Spiderman poster?”.

I’m about to end a huge chapter in my life with the one thing that really, truly started it – and I cannot be more excited to hit the movie theater to see it tonight. So a huge thank you to Spiderman for making my dreams come true.


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