The Need to Zara

Pictured – me on my way to a Zara.

I recently left my full-time job, and ever since I’ve been getting ready for a total life-rehaul. I’ve been sorting through my (bottomless) closet by categorizing my pieces into “bring into new chapter of life”, “not done wearing this yet” and “oh, I haven’t worn you for ages (and I probably never will again)”.

When you know you’re about to move and need to be highly alert about your financials, your whole approach to life changes. While the graduation goggles are activated on full speed, something strange happens to shopping habits. So while I’ve been responsibly trying to minimize my closet on one end –  somehow new Zara bags are shooting in from another end. With their recent price increase, this doesn’t serve my wallet (or budget) well.

This also takes me back to my last few weeks in Norway, before moving to NYC. I kept buying clothes and accessories that I absolutely needed, or so I thought, but as I made the move, these poor unfortunate souls were never worn. They never got to experience the light of a NYC day. But when I was in the stores in the little town of Stavanger, the anxiety of leaving the store (and country) without these items was real.

I keep finding myself in a plethora of stores, feeling a need to shop, and on one hand it seems like a desperate quest to create a NYC wardrobe to show off in the unknown land of Mr. Earl Grey and English Breakfast. On the other hand, I could be on a self-destructive path to shake up my budget and spending power for the coming months just to make life a little more interesting (and challenging!). It seems like my panic is rooted in a justification of that I won’t find the things I love here elsewhere – and somehow I have convinced myself that I am moving to an African desert, and not one of the largest metropolitan cities of Europe. The fear is real guys.

I did however recently make an investment purchase that I’m rather proud of (all you PETA activists, please hit “x” in the top corner right now). Since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to be one of the chic ladies with a long, dark brown, mink fur coat. Despite the fact that I’m semi-anti fur, and that the price tag for the type of coat I wanted was somewhere between 5-10 months’ rent, I kept drooling, but never swiped the plastic – until recently. On our way to Shake Shack (after a Zara run to buy hot pink pants), my friend and I ended up at a market located in a school campus and found ourselves trying on fur coats in 90-degree weather. In the middle of a basketball court on the Upper West Side, my fur coat and I met. It was a glorious moment when that beautiful mink coat that fit me like a glove (with a terrible scent of basement and old lady) was shoved into a Fairway bag for me to take home to love and cherish forever. When we walked away from the basketball court, I knew I wouldn’t need to buy any other garments in NYC.

LOL, kidding, I was just scrolling through Zara’s website to see what’s new. Someone please send help.


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