People Under a Bridge

In all the school’s I’ve attended, the very last semester is usually an emotional one, as there’s a developing nostalgia over the memorable moments and the people that made the whole experience great. There’s also a fear of the unknown and excitement for the new about the next step we’re taking. What’s it going to be like, who are we going to meet and how will it change us? Will I be happy? Each step along the way is just a new bridge built between two safe communities.

And then there’s college.

Now my college experience is probably quite different than most, as I’ve attended a highly specialized college while living by myself in a large city and focusing on my career. LIM students are often those that get tired earlier in the evening because we’re juggling a full class load, internships, jobs and a social life – and hey, sleep!

The very last semester at LIM College consists of a full class load, where the classes only meet on Fridays, and from Monday through Thursday, we work at least 7 mandatory hours a day. Sounds easy, right? Wait for it…

In addition to interning full time, we still have to do a lot of work online, as majority of our classes are hybrids (half-online and half-in person). On top of that, we’re working on our capstone – which is the final project based on our major.

And then there’s the dreaded question: what are your plans for after graduation?

This is where I find complete sanctuary at LIM. Yes, we need to find jobs and figure out what we want to do with our lives, but after having talked to a large amount of seniors, it seems like no one is quite sure. People are “open to opportunities” and willing to go wherever the road leads them. And I honor that.

How on earth are we supposed to know what we want? I’m graduating with a list of things that I don’t want and with a mind open enough to understand that one thing may lead me closer to those goals that other people may deem unrealistic.

Give the seniors a break, build them up, build the bridges and let us create our own path instead of making us feel bad for not having our lives all figured out. Don’t let them stand under physical bridges – like I am in the pictures below. Seriously, lift them up.


Coat: H&M – Shoes: Shoedazzle – Earrings: Gina Tricot

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