Train of Thought

Ever felt so scared that you thought you were going to pass out? And it happened. That was me today. As much as I think I’m unaffected by the terror attacks happening around the world, I can’t help but get a little nervous when unusual things happen.

So here’s the story; it had been an unusually long day. Rather than leaving at 8.15am, I was running late already at 6.50am this morning. My team and I had scheduled a photo shoot in the narrow (freezing and severely windy) streets of SoHO. I had already planned on doing grocery shopping on my way home, but as the day passed, shopping seemed a lot less appealing than going home and taking a nap, as the shoot had left me frozen to my core (the model isn’t the only one that gets cold!).

Regardless, I found my way to Trader Joe’s – the ultimate place to buy awesome groceries (please sponsor me, you already have all my money). I had a weird feeling throughout, and hesitated on deciding which train to take home. Out of pure laziness, I ended up on the 1 train. After all, I was having an annoyingly long day. And this is where it all started to go wrong.

My stomach started turning, and I thought it was just my stomach being stupid, but suddenly at 125th st, the train stood still for a while. I wasn’t too concerned because trains in Manhattan do that. All. The. Time. Things started to get a little weird when we were stranded on 137th st for over 10 minutes. Apparently someone had pulled the emergency break on the train on 145th, which meant that they were having an investigation (and they can take a while). When we finally got moving, out train stopped abruptly on 145th st as well, although we were on the express track to 157th (this probably doesn’t make any sense to non-New Yorkers). We all just looked weirdly at each other, and hoped that this would be over soon and that we’d get going.

We didn’t.

About 45 minutes later, we were all pale faced and hysterically texting and calling loved ones, and at this point, I had already fainted (a light edition). Turns out that someone had pulled the emergency break at 145th on our train as well, and whenever the train tried to move, someone pulled the break. We had also witnessed a group of guys running off the train and jumping into the tracks and leaving the station as fast as they could. Talk about freaking people out. Additionally were told to report suspicious activities. Was this a terrorist attack?

It wasn’t.

Everyone who were getting off at 157th ran out of the station as fast as they could, and you could see the relief. That shows how much these attacks are affecting people’s daily life. Aren’t subways always facing issues and running late? This situation puts things into perspective, and it even made me see my life flashing before my eyes while wondering if my eggs and bananas were going to make it.

The pictures below are taken from right underneath the 125th st station and the street west of it. It’s a nice area when you’re not freaking out because you think you’re going to die. It’s all good now though. Mari fed me Norwegian chocolate and proved that she has psychopathic traits through multiple personality tests. It all made me feel so much better.


Coat: H&M – Dress: Gina Tricot – Shoes: Shoedazzle – Sunglasses: TopShop – Bag: Zara

One thought on “Train of Thought

  1. I would not be the one putting my fingers in the crab tank! Gorgeous costnliae but boy did it look chilly! Love the new look on your blog!!! Hugs

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