Photography Portfolio

This has by far been the busiest, craziest and most exciting year of my life. I have never been this sleep deprived, malnourished and had such tendencies to drift off to an unknown paradise. If you talk to me after 4pm on any weekday, I’m likely to stop listening after the first 10 seconds. Unless you have food. Then I’m all ears.

In the midst of the madness, escalated by unfortunate internal circumstances, I have to cope with constantly being surrounded by inspirational beauty. There’s beauty in everything here, and in order to keep my sanity, I need to channel all the inspiration into something tangible. Hence, digital photography.

I have been taking pictures for years, and can even remember how I felt when I was first given my own camera. It was the era before the term “selfie” worked its way into our vernacular, and although my camera was filled with them, it also contained pictures that attempted to tell a story. At that point in my life, I was trying too hard to fit into some sort of category I couldn’t define. I’m not sure anyone could. These pictures never got shared, as I didn’t think people would understand.

At this point, holding my camera in my hands makes me feel empowered and yet relaxed. In the madness that is the daily life in NYC, it’s comforting to know that when I have the camera in my hands, I’m the one in control. I control the light, the person or object in front of it, as well as the composition. I can finally express what I feel through someone or something else.

So what about the pictures that I post? Those are most often taken by my roommate Mari, who has been sucked into the world of pretty pictures. When we have our weekly shoots, I often start taking pictures of her and find the perfect light, angle and composition, and transfer my knowledge to her. Mari often directs us to a location, and from there we go with my creative direction – and just have fun, together.

So here it is; a collection of pictures that I have taken these past years. I am ready to share my work, and I hope you will appreciate it – it’s taken me a lot of steps and failures to get here. The portfolio is up and running, and is permanently attached to the blog – these two sites will now be living in a symbiosis, with pictures of me on the blog and pictures by me in the portfolio.

Access the portfolio here.

All the pictures below taken in collaboration between Mari and I.


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