Year of the Monkey

Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s the time of the year where we can celebrate a year of hard work, relax and just have some fun – along with hoping for luck and prosperity for the year to come. It’s the year of the monkey – so let’s make sure we all get involved in some monkey business!

The reason why even non-Chinese can celebrate Chinese New Years today is because it’s recognized as a public holiday. Today marks the first year where public schools in NYC are officially closed due to the holiday. So YOU get a day off, and YOU get a day off (in an Oprah voice).

Even I got half a day off from work, where the whole office got locked up and we all went down to Chinatown to watch the firecracker show. We stood outside in the freezing cold, while it was snowing maliciously for over an hour and a half, but there was no way that we weren’t seeing the show.

There were speeches held by several people, and we went through a rollercoaster of emotions while waiting for the show to start. My hands were frozen, my feet couldn’t move and even my phone had died from frostbite (you know when it gets so cold that it simply can’t stay on?).

The firecrackers were loud and smoky – just what we needed to wake up on this freezing Monday morning. Kids were beyond excited and parents were chilled out while trying to regain some heat and keep the groups gathered.

After the show, we were barely able to move our frostbit feet to find ourselves some dumplings from a place authentic enough to almost give us food poisoning. On our question through Chinatown, we ended up in Little Italy and bought HOT coffees and something sweet to munch on in order to regain our strength and acquire some heat.

Despite being frozen to our cores, we went back to the office and completed a half day worth of work before calling it a day. At least we didn’t have to rent fake boyfriends and girlfriends, as suggested by this website.

May this year of the monkey bring you all the luck and prosperity you deserve!


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