Help, I’ve got Graduation Goggles!

Holy Guacamole! Today marked the first day of my last semester at LIM – a semester that I’ve been happily dreading and terrifyingly looked forward to. Although I haven’t reached the bitter end just yet, this is a transitional time – where I’m only going to be on campus once a week. This of course, led to intense nostalgia when passing the subway stop that takes me to campus – I guess this means I’m moving on.

It’s ironic how I’ve been looking forward to being done with college, yet I’m not at all ready to leave LIM. On the other hand, I’m not sure if I really mean this or if I’ve caught a serious case of the graduation goggles. Someone please send a doctor, I need some answers.

In order to celebrate these past few years, I’ve taken some inspiration from the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and composed some Thank-You notes to the college *insert nostalgic piano music here*

  • Thank you, LIM College, for having a program that forces the students to have 3 required internships. Although we get a solid foundation, we benefit mostly on finding methods on how to squeeze as much into our schedule as possible.
  • Thank you, LIM College, for not reducing the course load for this degree that’s focused on experiential education. You have given us the opportunity to master invaluable skills, such as running on 12 hours of sleep – in total per week.
  • Thank you, LIM College, for giving us the opportunity to get involved. Because some students don’t think that juggling 7 classes, an internship and a job is enough.
  • Thank you, LIM College, for bringing Pickler & Co to campus. Because having two over-worked and handsome chums is just what’s needed at a college with a 90% female population.
  • Thank you, LIM College, for teaching us time management skills to the degree that we’re terrified of having too little to do once we graduate. #Vacay4Lyfe

Now over to the serious stuff, I do believe that we’ve benefitted severely from attending LIM. I’ve gone from being a Store Coordinator of a global flagship to working in PR and now I’m in Marketing. I wouldn’t have known what I wanted to do unless I would have been thrown into the industry – which the college did – gladly. I’ve had the best support system, raging from being invited to my professor’s house for Christmas to discussing the current level of sleep-deprived zombie with my advisor. This doesn’t even cover the amazing conversations I’ve had with President Marcuse and Dr. Fitzmaurice.

While I reminisce about the great moments, it’s great to know that I still have 127 days to go (according to Siri). Let this semester of “see you later’s” commence.

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