2016: The Cogitation.

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a spectacular celebration filled with confetti, champagne and company that made you burst out in joy at the strike of midnight.


We’ve come far, and as the things we enjoyed while being young gets older, we have amazing things to look forward to – such as the release of Deadpool and Batman vs. Superman. For me, this is the year I’ll graduate, take a leap into adulthood and learn how to swim in the sea of debt.

Whilst diving deep into educating myself to the outlook of this year – I’ve come to realize; no matter how many publications that claim that 2016 is the new 90s, and we have a chance to reinvent it – and ourselves, it’s about damn time that we realize that a new year is just a new starting point where we don’t keep our resolutions. However, goals are achieved, especially in the first few months (here’s to the people that stop going to the gym in mid-February). .

However, there are goals that can be achieved throughout the year: squad goals. And despite magazines claiming that a squad in incomplete without Taylor Swift or Kendall and Gigi, I beg to differ. Resolutions shouldn’t be about something small, but think grand – and where you have room for improvement. And I suggest taking that to the next step and improve the people you surround yourself with.

Let’s take it back thousands of years to Aristotle, and one of his most popular works Nicomachean Ethics, where he describes that there are 3 types of friendships (didn’t think you were going to end up with a history and ethics lesson now, did you?). The first type is based on utility, and you want those people to be around you because you derive some benefit from each other. The second is based on pleasure. Need I say more? Just kidding, this one is based on wit, good looks or other pleasant qualities. While the mentioned friendships tend to be accidental, one should prioritize the third type, which is based on goodness. Oh my goodness, what does this mean? This type of friendship is based on the nature of the person, and this is a person who makes you feel like you want to be a better person.

So where am I going with this? Make your squad the most #goalicious ever with surrounding yourself with people that make you feel great – deep into your deep, dark core. And for god’s sake, lose those 3 pounds!


Photo by Jon Vidar Strømstad.

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