Holiday Windows 2015

There’s only one time of the year when New York City truly never sleeps, and that is during the holidays. While the entire island looks like a festive paradise, there’s something about the stretch between 45th St and 58th St. 5th Avenue sparkles and shines brighter than the stars (do the stars even light up enough to compete?).

One of the most amazing things about the holidays is the incredible window displays, especially in the department stores. The visual merchandising teams spend months planning and prepping the windows (or entire store front for Saks), and the result is breathtaking. Every year, the windows are more marvelous than the previous year, and just when I think that they can’t impress me anymore – I’m proven wrong.

However, things don’t come easy in NYC, and just when you think you can spend a Saturday evening roaming around 5th Ave, you are very wrong. The street is packed with tourists that are unable to navigate themselves or their group, and if you’re as unlucky as Mari and I, it may take you hours to get from 47th to 57th. That’s 10 blocks – which should usually take about 10 minutes. So when I say it’s packed, you better believe it!

Rather than posting pictures of the Christmas windows, I’m sharing the “behind the scenes” videos from the making of the windows of Saks, Bergdorfs and Barneys. Watch and be amazed –


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