Black and Yellow in Black and White

There was a time when the song Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa was on the top of the Billboard Hot 100 list, after its release in September 2010. I can’t believe it’s over 5 years old – as I still find myself humming on this song.

Although I’ve been a fan of this song for a while, I never watched the music video, nor did I ever care to find out what “Black and Yellow” really referred to. Ironically enough, I’ve even worked for people from “Black and Yellow”, wearing black and yellow and never connected the dots. Until I went to the place and realized, it’s all black and yellow! Where did I go? Pittsburgh. If you want to read more about the song and Pittsburgh and the black and yellow Pittsburgh Steelers, click here.

I went to this glorious city on Black Friday, and had a quite unexpected experience. In my previous post, I mentioned that Aubriana and I went to Edinboro, PA, which is close to Eerie, and Pittsburgh was right under 2 hours away. We left early morning, after having stuffed our faces all day on Thursday, and started the day with a marvelous breakfast at Pamela’s in the Strip area – which is an industrial style area. Not only was this the best breakfast I’ve had in a while, it was also the least expensive breakfast I’ve had ever.

We stayed in the Strip Area for a while and looked around in a bunch of the small local stores. After spending majority of our time in a candy store (some girls never grow up), we went to the Science center and acted like children (again, some girls never grow up). Regardless of what we were up to, we had a blast, and learned a few things along the journey.

After driving around Pittsburgh for a while, and realizing just how confusing the city was (which reminded me of home), we ended up at one of the best burger places in town – Burgatory. And oh boy – this was an experience like no other. We went there after having read about their shakes on Buzzfeed, on a list with the world’s best milkshakes, so we knew that this place would be no joke. I had the Nutella Crunch bar milkshakes, which was absolutely delightful, and Aubs had the s’mores milkshake. Aubriana and I have a special talent for having a constant conversation, but this marked our first meal in complete silence. Burgatory has the best burger’s we’ve ever had. And we’ve had a whole lot of amazing burgers. We ordered the Piggy Nutter and Jelly because it sounded like something we wouldn’t get our hands on elsewhere, along with a veggie burger in order to make the meal lighter. I wanted to cry once we were done eating.

We did have some other activities planned for after dinner, but due to high levels of overeating, they were compromised.

Here are some pictures from our trip – Wiz Khalifa did an adequate job with showing the city, so I’m gonna skip that part.


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