It’s a little late, but happy thanksgiving! I hope everyone who celebrates got to spend it with people they wanted to. I was lucky enough to celebrate it in a true American fashion with the Sweet family.

We left NYC on Tuesday evening, exhausted after handing in (almost) all our final projects and papers for the semester. It’s amazing how much work the faculty can cram into the last two weeks of classes of the semester. Sleep deprived and malnourished, Aubs and I got ready for a 7 hour long drive to the town of Edinboro, PA.

While spending most of the night in the car, we slept in on Wednesday before having to buy all the remaining items for Thanksgiving dinner. After a long day of grocery shopping, an even longer evening of baking and cooking prevailed. Not only did I get to learn what they were about to serve, I got to learn how to make it – with recipes far older than the years I’ve been on the planet.

Overall, there were about 25 people that joined us for an early dinner on Thursday, and they all contributed with something – either it was a dish, dip or a beverage. It was nice seeing a feast being pulled together by a whole bunch of people with different recipes and tastes. We even had two turkeys – one baked and one deep fried. Yes, deep fried. Welcome to America. Because there were so many people, dinner was spread out throughout the entire house and people ate what and when they felt like. There were so many options, than even when having only a spoonful of each dish, my plate was beyond packed – and so was my belly.

When it comes to dessert, I contributed with my favorite – Nutella brownies, along with the assistance provided for the pies on Wednesday. There were so many options, that I kept munching on the pies the entire evening, and still didn’t get a chance to try all of them. While Aubs and I were laughing about everything pumpkin flavored, I am proud to say that I’ve officially had homemade pumpkin pie. Tastes nothing like a pumpkin spice latte – for all you basic bitches out there.

We ended the night in a pleasant conversation with the cosmopolitan neighbor, and had a late night rendezvous with Katniss Everdeen and her crew. I can tell you this much – we sure weren’t hungry.

Overall, Thanksgiving was pretty goddamn sweet.


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