Meet The Pickler

Oh, all those mouthwatering pictures of that delicious food… Yes, my Snapchat has indeed turned 24/7 food porn channel, and for all of you that have been asking me why – this is your lucky day.

Pickler & Co is a craft deli and coffee shop in Midtown East, more accurately 216 East 45th St – and for all you LIM Students, yes it does indeed share address with our overcrowded and beloved Maxwell Hall. It’s a small establishment started by buddies David and Eric from Pittsburgh, who are more than just two pretty faces. These guys work harder than the average hard worker, and make sure that the food and drinks we buy not only make our stomach feel good, but also our conscience. Their mission is to serve worry-free food to New Yorkers, of all income levels, where the meat, especially, is free of artificial preservatives, antibiotics, artificial growth hormones and all the other junk, and do it at an affordable price. On their website, you can read more about their complete mission, along with their standards, partners and what they do for the community. They have a focus on corporate social responsibility, and these guys are doing it with total transparency = gold star.

Their prices range from $3-4 up to $16 depending on what you’re getting. Regardless of what you order, you’re bound to go on a tasteful journey that is far superior to all other lunch spots in the area. The food here is filled with flavor, interesting combinations, along with a bunch of homemade selections that leave you genuinely impressed. And I can’t write about Pickler & Co without mentioning the coffee – finally a coffee that isn’t watered out or tastes burnt (Hey Starbucks, looking at you).

If you consider Koons’ vacuums to be art – then these items are divine masterpieces that should be auctioned starting at a million. But they don’t because the Pickler wants the food to be affordable. All the food/drinks is prepared by the Pickler, and photographed + edited by me. I dare you to not get wet…

… In your mouth.

_DSC0135 _DSC0194 _DSC0111 _DSC0088 _DSC0274 _DSC0654 _DSC0311 _DSC0511 _DSC0589 _DSC0617 _DSC0523 _DSC0513 _DSC0354 _DSC0298

So now that you now what Pickler & Co is and what some of their food looks like, let’s get down to the questions I’ve been getting –

  1. Wtf?

Answer: A question I also ask myself often. I have had an avid interest and experience with food and photography, and this seemed like an opportunity where I could have the best of both worlds. I know the food looks amazing (and it tastes even better) – if that’s what’s bothering you, take a trip to Midtown East and try it yourself – address provided above.

2. Why are you posting these pictures?

Answer: So that you will go and spend your money somewhere that does good for your body and the community. I am also proud of these pictures, and would like you guys to see them, even if it is only for 6 seconds on Snapchat. I am also proud of the guys and how successful the business has been. Although we share ownership of these pictures, it wouldn’t feel right for me to be posting on Instagram/Facebook/here without their consent. They should be aware of this post though.

3. Why are you unable to stay away from men who work in the food industry?

Answer: Your point being..?

4. Why are you funnier than the Seamless ads?

Answer: Just kidding, still waiting for someone to ask me that… Also, seems like those epitomes of superior food humor won’t be posted for a while. But when they do – you’ll know!

5. How much time do you spend doing this?

Answer: Far too much. It’s not healthy. Nor is it necessary. But I enjoy doing this – so will definitely look for other similar opportunities. Doing this as a freelancer comes with a risk where I am scared of getting carried away and then find out that the work is redundant. At least with these guys, they let me know what’s going on and when and where to expect my pictures to be seen. How exciting is that?

6. Do you make money by posting for them?

Answer: None of your business – but no. Pretty sure the guys have no idea what I’m up to half the time. The main takeaway from working with me is generally that I’m up to no good – in a good way. I tend to go above and beyond what’s expected of me, so suddenly I’ll show up with something new that was never discussed or agreed upon. Also I’ve been getting a lot of creative freedom to do what I want – and this has nothing to do with your question, so I’ll stop now.

7. Do you get free food?

Answer: No. But there used to be a time where we all did.

8. What is your favorite thing about Pickler & Co?

Answer: That’s level 8 classified. Just kidding – what they stand for and how they stick to their mission. The occasional complimentary Earl Grey is also up there.

Lonely Hot Dog

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