Monkey Business

It’s midterms time, which means that everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Luckily in this crazy time, at least I get a chance to relax – and I actually relax the most when I’m at my internship. I’m lucky enough to be at a place where I understand the work, and I barely get told what I need to do. Working at at in-house operated small business is great – as there’s constant exposure to several aspects of the business. I would urge anyone who wants to experience a structured work-environment with a laid back corporate culture and efficient work to work at a company similar as the one that I’m at.

Today was also the day of my mid semester evaluation, and I went in as a total nerve wreck. Not only had I gone to bed far too late last night (which is about to happen again now), but I was beyond exhausted and stressed out about all the things I have to get done before midnight on Friday (I’m sure just looking at my to-do list would stress you out too). I came in thinking that I’ve really messed up and stopped being my meticulous self, and just kind of let go of the things I stand for (like my high-flying grades; they are so all over the place, they’re not even operating on a comprehensive scale). So when the time came for my feedback, I ended up walking away with some very valuable lessons. I am lucky enough to have the sweetest, kindest and most competent supervisor – a rare breed indeed, and today she told me how important it was to tell people that we appreciate what they do. She also said that one of the reasons that I do well is because I care. And that really got me thinking – if you don’t care about something, why do it at all?

So where does the monkey business fit into all of this? Well, gather around children, here’s your lesson: find a way to care about the things you’re doing. Put some effort into things and tell the people around you who are willing to help that you appreciate what they are doing. Focus on the intrinsic values rather than just the extrinsic – because in the end, you can have beyond all the money you could possible need and still feel worthless. Especially for LIM Students who are constantly stuck doing internships that are a bad fit – find a way to make it matter to you. Find a way to appreciate the things you learn, even the bad things. Don’t be up to no monkey business – unless you’re doing it for a shoot. Like the one below.

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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