Wanderless Window-Shopping

It’s finally sweater weather here in NYC, and we’re approaching that time of planning all the holiday outfits along with what we’ll be purchasing as presents. I am constantly located in Midtown, which allows me to soak up inspiration from the magnificent windows on 5th Avenue (no other place can beat these windows during the holidays, am I right?). And while the access to these windows have been considered to be limited to those physically here, there are few things that are as annoying as seeing something you love, and having no clue where to find it – because how many people are willing to search the entire store to find that one piece you fell in love with in the window while you were rushing to get that pumpkin spice latte? Do we New Yorkers have time to wander? No.

Worry not my friends, there is a place where you not only have access to the windows, but you can also buy the items that are displayed, right from that comfortable sofa of yours. WindowsWear is a website where you can look through the high-end store-windows in various large cities (NYC, London, Paris, Milan etc.) and buy the art of designers put on display by highly talented visual merchandisers. So say you’re feeling like a shopping spree in Milan, but you’d much rather spend the price of the ticket and hotel on a smoking pair of Fendi boots – WindowsWear’s got you covered! If you’re feeling like taking a virtual stroll through the street – try WindowsWear Pro (used by retailers, designers and certain colleges/universities). So if you’re one of those with access, consider yourself a lucky bastard.

Basically what the site does is pulling together what’s going on in the fashionable cities around the world, and giving us sources on where to buy these things, along with similar products. They work with partners like Bergdorf Goodman and Harrods for advertising, and they have a solid foundation in the US, Canada, Australia and several European countries. This company shows that e-commerce is evolving, and that you can in fact get an exciting experience from buying designer merchandise online – which is one of the main challenges for online stores. It pulls together a number of brands and gives you the ultimate shopping experience (the pictures are literally moving – I can’t stop staring at them).

You should now be all set for this exciting, stressful and sparkly time ahead of us. Happy (window) shopping!

WindowsWear Home Page Gucci Window Gucci Bags Fendi London Fendi London Merchandise Prada NYC Window Prada NYC Merchandise WindowsWear Dresses

All these pictures are screen-shot from the WindowsWear website, go check it out!

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