Well hello all you beautiful people out there. It’s almost October already – how did that happen? Here I was trying to plan out at least 3 posts per week, and then a month passed with nothing… Absolutely nothing.

I hope everyone in NYC survived the Pope’s visit. I think Pope Francis is one of the coolest and most admirable men ever (my dad is still #1), but getting around this city became a nightmare. It’s incredible to think about that it was a historical visit – and now and forever I am a part of that – just as it’s a part of me. What’s also pretty darn awesome is the fact that so many of my friends from my high school are living here now. Not only is the Pope making history – but we are. It’s empowering to think how we got out, and we’re making history, not only for ourselves, but for our hometown. World, brace yourself. We’re coming for you.

Now over to something completely different – these pictures. Mari and I have been experimented with different looks and styles lately. Here are two of the styles that I was playing around with – uptown princess and downtown empress. I still think wearing fake eyelashes is utterly insane, and no eyelid deserves to have glue of any form on them. As in some of my previous shoots, I can’t seem to step away from the tree. I always find myself hugging it, and there are even pictures where we’re closer to a make-out session. What can I say – we’re complicated.

Hope you like the pictures – and there’s more to come!


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