Senior Moments

First week of classes is officially over! After having a bunch of issues this week, along with ridiculously busy days since July, things are finally calming down. Who would have thought that we’d get excited about getting back into the routine, or as Barney Stinson calls it, “the rut”. It’s senior year, and like most seniors, I am both terrified and excited about this year!

When I first started LIM College over 100 (2) years ago, we didn’t have such a thing as an International Student Orientation, and I am so glad to say that this year was the first official ISO hosted by the Office of Student Life! I was one of the planners, and in a team of 4 + the Orientation Coordinators and professional staff, we created something bigger and better than ever seen before at the college. Well, there are less international students at LIM than domestic students, so our major improvement was the food and activities. At the end, it all comes down to what you eat, how you eat it and how long it is until your next meal – especially when you’re getting meals provided. We were lucky enough to get our food catered by the new coffee- and sandwich shop called Pickler & Co, located in our Maxwell Hall building (45th St). They provided us with lunches such as a “build your own sandwich/wrap” station, boxed sandwiches/wraps that we took with us to another location, salad bars and now they even have foods like chicken tenders. But enough about them…

International Student Orientation is all about welcoming the international students and going through the important stuff, like how to not get deported. We also go through culture shock and what that really means. Most students are still in phase 1, also called the “honeymoon” phase, and have no idea what is about to hit them soon. But they will be alright, everything somehow works out. They later join the rest of the students for either New Student Orientation or Graduate Student Orientation to learn more about life as an LIM College. You can say we’ve been busy with this from the second half of summer until the day before classes start. Take a look at the madness that occurs:

_DSC0044 _DSC0177 _DSC0438 1 _DSC0471 _DSC0116 _DSC0120 _DSC0154 _DSC0211 _DSC0212 _DSC0215 _DSC0257 _DSC0273 _DSC0283 _DSC0306 _DSC0329 _DSC0340 _DSC0426 _DSC0450 _DSC0680 _DSC0701 _DSC0121 _DSC0285 _DSC0320 _DSC0408

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