Late to the party

While a lot of people have formed an opinion on this, along with a good handful of experiences, I decided to use it for it’s initial function for the first time today. What am I talking about? Tinder.

I have been on Tinder since December, after my dear friend Hege told me to get on it for the laughs. I have since familiarized myself with the app, yet never got the balls to actually meet any of the guys I managed to have a meaningful conversation with. While some people use it for the sole reason of hooking up with other people, I wanted to use the app as a tool of getting to know people that I wasn’t likely to meet on my own. I go to an almost all-female college, and though I am in no rush of finding love or male affection, I miss having guy friends who are interested in sports and other “guy things” (as opposed to my guy friends with a closet worth more than a NYC penthouse).

I consider myself a “Swiper”, someone who’ll swipe through people’s profiles, read their caption and constantly find a reason to swipe left. I am sure this type of Tinderella is borderline a creeper (yes, I am talking about myself), but hey – you’re the one who put the information out for everyone (on Tinder) to see.

As mentioned in the previous post, I am spending most of the summer alone, and while having acknowledged that I am not really alone, I wanted to know just how good I am at spending time with strangers. So one evening I sat down, my thumb ready to swipe, with a sole purpose of swiping right (like) on people I would genuinely like to meet and converse with. Not necessarily be romantically involved with, just meet and talk. To improve my weak “being able to hold a conversation with a stranger” skills. It took about 45 minutes, before I had matched with two people (still quite unable to swipe right). One of them being British and the other being Belgian, both new to New York with a desire to explore the city with someone. Of course I had to grasp the opportunity of showing off my knowledge about this city after having lived here closer to 2.5 years.

On Thursday, I planned a “tinder date” with one of the guys for today. And man, was it an experience. I was invited over for tea at his apartment at 11, and I stayed up late yesterday in order to bake brownies, and scones this morning to accompany the PG tips he was going to serve. First of all, how often do you find a guy who asks if it’s okay to drink PG, or if he should go and buy Earl Grey (my favorite)? How often do you talk about tea on tinder anyways? I was really nervous, because this guy seemed like a genuinely nice guy, so what was the possibility that he was going to tie me up in his apartment and slaughter me American Psycho style? I took my chances and was dropped off by my good friend Alim. I notified a few of my friends what I was up to, so that I knew that in case something happened, my friends would know where I was.

I arrived promptly (only a few minutes late), and we had tea with the scones and brownies I had brought. We had a nice conversation, practically labelling me as an obnoxious New Yorker before we decided to go to IKEA to find furniture for his new apartment. The trip was filled with jokes about some of the hideous prints and decorations they sell (because mixing orange and pink is a great idea). The IKEA trip was followed up by a trip to Macy’s to find him a new bed. Wearing heels on the wooden escalators are a great idea – said no one ever. Thank goodness I’m still alive with body parts and hair intact.

Though going on tinder dates is very unlikely to become a hobby of mine, I think it is important that people are willing and able to see it as something superior than a tool for an instant hook-up (wait, what am I really trying to promote here?). I realized that I’m actually not amazing at holding conversations while being tired, and that I can turn into a complete goofball at any given moment (as if that was a surprise). I was luckily out with a person who didn’t get too freaked out by my harsh and violent “killing puppies and people” remarks, while acting like a hyperactive April Ludgate, though I was called Leslie Knope at one point (and also Ron Swanson while exclaiming that skim milk is a lie). It’s fun to meet people with the same favorite shows as you. So if you live in a city where it’s easy to escape, why not take a risk to get to know yourself better? At least you’ll get a good story out of it.

Edel out!

One thought on “Late to the party

  1. No rush… you are right, having kindred friends is more and very important, yes ❤ love you

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