Long walks in the sunset…

It is finally midsummer, which means that we’re at the point where we really start considering what we’ve done so far, along with comforting ourselves with that there’s stil a long way to go. It’s the time where DYI based on Pinterest becomes a big thing (at least for me), and you have the time to experiment. It’s the time where long walks can be taken anytime, and not necessarily planned – until you get outside and realize that it’s too hot (unless you’re in Norway this summer, winter is coming). It is also the time where you finally get to catch up on the shows and movies you haven’t had the opportunity to watch yet.

This is my second summer spent “alone” in the city, and it’s far from as lonely as it sounds. Last year was a little rough, as I didn’t know too many people, but this year is filled with social events and new experiences. After 2.5 years in New York, the city still surprises me. Every. Single. Day. Some of the things I have been able to do so far includes going to my unusually talented friend Brandon Sargent’s (remember that name, he’s going places) first big gig, attending a Kiehl’s party downtown with Solange Knowles as a DJ, PRIDE, spontaneously ended up at a Yankees game, eat lots of amazing food with great company, discover a Norwegian bakery in Williamsburg that serves skoleboller (!!!!!), which also happened to be the day we stumbled (literally) on Darren Criss who was hanging out with his friends. It’s been a summer filled with frozen margaritas, walks during the sunset. green juices and barbecued vegan dinners – which can easily be perceived as a great summer. No need to call the Green Arrow, nothing has been failed. And if you’re in need of a new show to binge watch, I highly recommend Parks and Recreation, a show I never thought I would like, but ended up loving.

The pictures featured are taken by Sunniva Dymbe, from our never-ending over 30,000 steps walk from Bushwick to Williamsburg to Dumbo to Brooklyn Heights with an unexpected journey from the Flatiron District to Union Square (no hobbits were harmed during this walk).

IMG_3879 IMG_3881 IMG_3899 IMG_3912 IMG_3951 IMG_3994 IMG_4024 Let’s just hope I don’t end up blonde this summer, like I did last year…

3 thoughts on “Long walks in the sunset…

  1. i love that we don’t know each other but your experience of NYC and especially summer in New York is much like mine! I actually just wrote a post about one of my random solitary adventures, too, haha. 🙂

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