It’s father’s day here in the US today, and just as mother’s day, it’s the one day of the year where EVERYONE decides to post pictures with their loving parent and caption just how much they mean to them. Surprisingly enough, this day is almost as painful as being apart from the family at Christmas. Because it isn’t father’s day in Norway, it makes very little sense to start wishing a happy father’s day – but then again, the whole concept of father’s day is kind of ridiculous, as they clearly deserve more than one day of the year to be appreciated. And then there’s those fathers who don’t deserve to be appreciated. Like Bennett from Orange is the New Black. Bennett, not Matt McGorry. But then again, how many people just call their fathers, have a short conversation and then post a picture on social media to prove that they’ve done their part? Don’t fathers deserve more than an Instagram post?

So I have decided to write why my father is so important to me. Not only is he by far my best friend, the poor guy who has to listen to all my struggles, but he is the only person who brings me to my senses. He is the one who makes me realize how petty some of my issues are and how there are more important things in life than being sad, angry and upset. He makes sure that I’m always happy, and provides me with the support that I didn’t even know I needed. He sacrificed a big part of himself to be there for me, so now I am sacrificing my time with him to be even better than he wants me to. He taught me that negative people need to be left alone, and made me handle myself and the people around me in a way where I cannot get hurt. I know that he loves me because he accepts the fact that I will always get a question or two wrong on every test or exam I take, especially math. He constantly pushes me to be better, and to think bigger, and focus on what I can do instead of what I can’t do or how to get there. He has been both a mother and father at times where he needed to, and made me not only grow up quickly, but man up. Though we both have issues speaking of our true feelings, we never fail to show just how much we care for each other and love each other. My dad is my ultimate hero, and I wish one day to be almost as great as he is.

I have a special memory to share, which really defines just how much I respected my dad while growing up; he used to work late nights when he first permanently moved to Norway, and I was supposed to be in bed by 9. One night I called him at work to ask if it was okay that I stayed up until 9.30 so that I could finish watching a show or a movie on TV. He said it was okay, but I had to go to bed right after it was done. And I did. And after that began my teenage years. I have finally learned how to get home on time (but not really)! Everything I achieve, I do it for you!

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day

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