A Midsummer Morning Contemplation

It’s Saturday, June 13th, which means two things: You’re almost done watching Orange is the new Black and it’s Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s 29th birthday. Both of these facts are slightly sad, as we know that we have to wait a year until season 4, and in exactly 1 year, our ultimate role models are turning 30, which means that we’re getting older too. I remember when the Olsen twins turned 25, and I had a small meltdown. I was going to turn 18, which was almost as intimidating as being halfway through your 20s. But now, as I am halfway (almost) to being halfway in my 20s, I can’t wait until I’m a few years older and free from take-home assignments and projects that no one sees the point in doing.

I’m currently taking summer classes, and am so proud of having completed half of the “semester” already. In-class summer school is basically doing a full semester’s worth of work in 4 weeks. That means school every single day from a set time to a set time. No escaping. Luckily, once I learned the schedule, I was very pleased to find out that the release of OITNB would be on my halfway mark, and therefore #motivation.

There’s also been a lot happening socially – my grandma is here, my friend Sunniva was here, and I’ve been spending time with good friends. This has also given me a chance to appreciate some of the finer views of the city. As if I don’t post enough pictures of this place already… There is just something about having these experiences with people who are seeing the city for the first time (in a long time), and it brings back some of the magic that disappears in the daily life here. All these pictures have been taken in the last two weeks here; from Top (and bottom) of the Rock, Dumbo and Hell’s Kitchen.

People, it’s been a pleasure, but now I need to get back to Orange is the New Black. Also, HBD to MK & A! May we all own as much cashmere as you do by the time I turn 29.

New York City Edel SinghNew York City Edel SinghNew York City Edel SinghNew York City Edel SinghIMG_5330 IMG_5359 IMG_5360 IMG_5438 IMG_5639 IMG_5653 IMG_5676

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